Thursday, March 10, 2011

We're All Art Teachers Today

This is a cross post from the Live Learning with Livescribe Blog.

Today we used our livescribe pen to record instructions to demonstrate how to draw an item of choice. I was amazed at how this tool allowed for differentiation amongst my special education class, as the complexity of drawings greatly differed, as did the oral descriptions that were attached. What was even more amazing was watching them beam with pride as each students’ pencast was played for the rest of the class to attempt the drawing. They loved being the “drawing teacher” and it didn’t matter which picture looked the best, had the most detail, or even the best explanation, the livescribe pencast provided the auditory and visual connection that allowed each student to be successful when replicating the pictures. I was especially pleased to see one of my ASD students shine today when most class mates commented that his drawing was the best! I just had to include his pencast here! Enjoy!

Jacob's How to Draw
brought to you by Livescribe

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