Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Crowd-sourcing at a Conference

Friends/PLN, I need your help!

I am currently at the OTF Pedagogy B4 Technology conference in Markham.  Today I presented a session about my experiences with global projects.  A participant in my session met me afterwards and we had a short chat about the session.  He is very interested in global communities and getting started with global projects. This awesome teacher from TVDSB is not (yet) connected on Twitter (I am hoping to change that tomorrow).  He was inspired by the mention of the Kids Guide to Canada project that my friend Cathy Beach is organizing.  He has this idea to extend his "one thing" website where you share ONE THING you take away, remember, adore, etc. and apply it to this #AKGTCanada project theme.  His idea was for everyone to share ONE THING about Canada.  I told him we could easily crowd-source this on Twitter during my Minds on Media session tomorrow (also about global projects). He is not convinced it would be that fast and easy.  I want to show him the power of a PLN on Twitter and hopefully convince him that this tool is helpful in establishing global connections. We will also be taking paper copies that I will photograph and tweet out. You do not have to be a Canadian to participate, but it helps!

Soooooo, here are my requests.

1.  Please share this post and RT this plea to recruit help.

2.  At some point in the next 24 hours please compose a tweet with the following things included:

-  #OneThingAboutCanada hashtag at the beginning
-  your ending to that prompt
-  #pb4t & #akgtcanada hashtags at the end
-  feel free to include a photo or a link if you choose that proves your point! (not necessary though)


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